Why adopt a Nepali dog?

At Animal Nepal we believe there is no dog like the Nepali dog.

Although many people prefer a pure breed, we  believe local mixed breeds are just as handsome, clever, funny and lovable. When handled well mixed breeds tend to be very healthy as they they carry strong genes and are well adjusted to local conditions.

Adopting a shelter dog or cat can be very rewarding – you help saving an animal who otherwise has little chance of survival.
And what is good to know is that if you adopt a dog from Animal Nepal, it is fully socialised and vaccinated. if it is female and not sterilised yet, we do so for free at the age of 4 months. On top of that we provide 1 year of free medical care at our shelter.
Also check this link on how to care for your pet: https://adoptanepalidog.wordpress.com/how-to-care-for-your-pet/