Vegetarian dogs

veggie dogveggie dog

Can your dog be a vegetarian?

The answer is yes!

Dogs can be healthy and in fact, thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet, as long as all necessary nutrient requirements are met. Dogs are biologically omnivorous, but can adapt well to a plant-based diet which meets all their nutritional needs.

A vegetarian diet is especially helpful for dogs suffering from skin problems and food allergies.


Vegetarian pet food : Easy, healthy, cruel free and delicious

At Animal Nepal we book good results with veggie dog food. For lunch and dinner we cook a veggie khichuri (see recipe below) using the pressure cooker. Note that vegetables retain most of their nutritients when pressure cooked. We supplement this with a breakfast consisting of milk and roti (or bread).

How to cook a delicious (almost) veggie hotpot for your pet? This recipe serves two dogs for 4/5 days. For a single pet you can half the ingredients.

What you need:

Pressure cooker

3 cups of rice, 1 cup of dahl or lentils, 1 pumpkin or squash, 2 carrots, turmeric powder, veg or chicken cube

DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0031 DSC_0032squash_16x9 DSC_0035





Step 1

Fill the pressure cooker half with water. Add a spoon of turmeric powder and 2 veg or chicken cubes. Now add rice, lentils and vegetables cut into small pieces

Step 2

Close the lid. Let the pressure come up 3 or 4 times. Put aside to cool.

Step 3

Open the cooker. Now your healthy, homemade pet food is ready! Keep cool in fridge during Summer.




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