How to care for your pet

How to care for your pet…

Owning a pet is a lifetime of commitment (up to ten years or more if you own a dog or a cat) involving considerable responsibility. The decision to get a pet should be made by the whole family…remember: a dog is not only for Christmas (or for Kukur Tihar)!

Some basic points you should keep in mind before adopting a pet are:

  • your pet will need annual vaccinations and medical care when it get sick
  • you need to train your pet to obey you
  • he or she needs to be groomed regularly
  • your pet needs to be fed a balanced diet
  • your pet needs to be socialised (we are strongly against caging or chaining dogs – if you have to not for longer than 2/3 hours per day!)
  • he or she needs a daily dose of exercise, affection and play …

For more tips and techniques and important care information, you can download these files:

Don’t forget to review our FAQ section, which has answers to many of your questions – and good luck with your pet!