Be an angel for a stray cow

20140618_121317 (1)It is very upsetting to see an abandoned calf or injured cow on the busy streets of Kathmandu or other cities. However, you don’t have to feel completely helpless. For sick and injured calves and cows call us at 9841334537 and we will try to help. For uninjured abandoned calves there is little we can do as we have no space for them at our shelters.

But your help will make a big difference for the poor creature.

DSC_0002What can you do to help?

1. Hydration and nutrition: You need a bucket, water, a bag of flour and some salt. Fill half a bucket with water. Add 6-7 hands of flour and half a hand of salt. Mix properly. This mix will help the cow to be hydrated and nourished.

2. Food: Provide the cow with any fruit/vegetable scraps, vegetables, fresh fodder or clean straw soaked in water.

feedingOnce you start feeding a calf it will probably come back to your neighbourhood.

For a more permanent solution you can make a simple feeding station. Place two earthen pots (plastic ones will be stolen) in a public place, for instance a neighbourhood shop or a temple. Fill one with water and the other with greens or fodder. Ask neighbours to leave their left over scraps or fresh vegetables at the station. Make sure the water is refreshed regularly.

Thank you for being an angel for a stray cow!


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