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Help Srijana Chettri re-home a rescued dog!


Srijana already had 7 dogs in her house when last year she rescued one female dog who was thrown by her owner from height. The dog almost died but after her immense care and love she survived.  But now as Srijana moves to a new rented house, the landlord is not willing to let all her dogs in. Hence, Srija is desperately in need of a loving home for her dog as she can’t leave her on street to survive again. Please help her rehome a rescued dog! Contact her at 9841344997.

Because he don’t deserve to die!

11883215_876848869029334_1777345407_o Essica Lama, who has been taking care of this 2 years old stray is now bit worried as lately the community people threatened her that they would kill the dog. Essica adds, “It’s natural for a dog to bark during the nights and to those people who are mean to them, but that can’t be the reason to kill someone”
Since Essica is a busy girl, she can’t be there to look after him all the time and she hopes and pray that some kind family would adopt him asap. The dog is extremely friendly and obedient. Anyone interested can contact her on 9813724011.

Blue eyes and a loving heart!

puppy CollageThese blue eyed young beauties are now there to rule your heart. Born from the same mother, who also is a beautiful marble blue eyed dog rescued from Kirtipur. The mother dog suffered from a major leg tumor which was successfully removed by our team and has been kept under medication. She was bought along with her puppies. The brown pup is a beauty queen with every bit to admire where as the mischievous black beauty is there to make use of your free time as she won’t mind getting her belly rubbed all day long. These two puppies are both one and a half months old female and AN can provide them with free spaying after they gets five months old. Besides, they will bring with them a cute belt, an adoption certificate and tons of love.

Five new faces you will Adore

Five cute little puppies are waiting for a caring home at Animal Nepal Chobar Dog Shelter. They are altogether three female pups and two male pups. For the female pups Animal Nepal has the provision for free spaying after the pups are 5 months old. We also offer free treatment of one year. These five little pups are something you will adore. You don’t want to miss the joy of adopting them.

Anup: the fastest dog

anup website

HI, my name is ANUP. I used to run on my four legs till I met an accident. I lost my leg, but learned how to run even faster. Because it’s not your leg that keeps you on run, it’s your spirit. I can teach you how to be happy even in your misery and how to keep running even in the absence of your leg. Is there anyone who has the HEART to adopt me?

CHOCO: Sweeter than CHOCOlate

IMG_5374CHOCO is three months old and a very friendly and adorable puppy in our shelter. She is an active and energetic puppy. She can easily impress anyone with her charm.  Choco is vaccinated and if she is adopted the lucky owner will get adoption  kit consisting of free cute belt, puppy care booklet and health care including free sterilization at the age of 4 months and also 1 year of free medical care at our shelter.